Finding Vintage 8mm Films...A Real Case Study

While cleaning out the basement of a municipal hall in Denbigh Ontario, 2- 8mm reels of film were found labeled 1967 Denbigh Centennial Celebrations.

45 Degrees Latitude took on the job of digitizintg the reels to discover exactly what was captured in 1967 by vintage filmmaker Bill Scott.


During Canada's Centennial year Bill Scott filmed all the local events in Denbigh- everything from icefishing tournaments and snowmobile races to Canada Day Celebrations and Santa Claus Parades. The 2-600 foot reels were color corrected, edited and placed on DVD and sold locally as a fundraiser for the library.

Not only did Bill Scott's work get preserved for generations his efforts helped fund necessary improvments to the library- a double win!



Film Footage Scale On Reel. Most reels have a scale in feet directly on the reel to enable you to determine the amount of footage you have to convert to DVD.

What is the viewing time per reel?
It all depends how your 8mm was recorded. Most Super 8mm films were recorded at 18 fps (frames per second) and most Standard 8mm films were recorded at 16 fps. Of course, this will affect the viewing time.

A 3 inch reel containing 50 feet of Super 8mm film will take 3.5 minutes to watch while a Standard 8mm reel will take 4 minutes to watch. You can calculate approximately viewing times for longer reels by these approximate values.

8mm Film Conversion to DVD

 45 Degrees Latitude has converted literally miles of 8mm films to DVD for customers wishing to preserve memories on film. Let's face it, 8mm are difficult to watch today. They are not easily shared, you may no longer have a working projector and films deteriorate with age. Creating a digital copy will preserve your memories for years to come.

Filmfix in California is a great source of information for learning more about 8mm films but the information below is a good FAQ on our 8mm conversion services.

Q. What kind of 8mm film do I have?
A. You can determine if you have Regular 8mm vs Super 8mm film by the hole size (below). Note: Regular 8mm = Standard 8mm = Normal 8mm

Super 8 mm film has rectangular holes

Normal_or_Standard_or_Regular 8mm film

Regular, Standard, or Normal 8mm film has holes almost square

Another way of telling what kind of film you have is by looking at the sprocket hole in the reel.

Standard 8mm vs. Super 8mm reels On this 3 inch diameter reel which holds approximately 50 feet of film a small hole in the reel as shown would indicate this is a Regular 8mm film reel. A Super 8mm reel has a much larger hole in the reel as indicated by the red circle.

45 Degrees Latitude can convert both Regular 8mm and Super 8mm films at the same price per foot.



Q. Since most companies charge by the foot for film conversion, how do I tell how many feet are on a reel?
A. You can easily estimate how much footage you have by looking at the reels. If you have 3" diameter reels you have approximately 50' per roll. Larger reels usually have a scale marked on the reel (see photo left) or you can measure the diameter of your film on the reel as follows:
Super 8mm_Regular 8mm reel guide

Q. Does my film have sound on it?
A. If your film has sound it will certainly have 1 or 2 magnetic bands on it. These are typically gold colored bands running the length of the film.

Super 8mm film with 2 sound bands This Super 8mm film has 2 gold bands with sound.

Standard 8mm film with no sound This Regular 8mm film has no sound.

If your film has magnetic sound bands it does not necessarily mean your film has sound because the sound recording may have been turned off during filming. You cannot have sound on your films unless sound bands are present. 45 Degrees Latitude charges the same with or without sound and is included as part of the editing process.

Q. What does 8mm to DVD Transfer Cost?
A. Our pricing is below. We include many other services in one price per foot that are upcharges from other companies. You will receive one DVD master which can be easily copied by anyone with standard DVD duplicating software on your computer or you can request additional copies below.

Please contact us should you have any questions on preserving your memories!

8mm movie film to DVD transfer


Adding titles at beginning of each reel


Adding fade transition between reels


Adding chapter points between reels


Shipping or mailing return reels

At Cost

Adding colour DVD insert to final DVD


Basic colour, brightness and contrast correction


Adding your music to DVD

$25/15 min.

DVD copies including jewel case+label+DVD



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