Example: Land O' Lakes Historic Audio Driving Tour

This 2-3 hour driving tour was prepared for the Land O' Lakes Tourist Association in Eastern Ontario. The tour showcases local history and heritage sites. Narrated by James Herron (the voice of PBS), Marg Axford and Ian Brumell.

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Land O' Lakes Historic Audio Driving Tour
Land O' Lakes Audio Tour CD Cover
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Audio Tour Production- CD, MP3 Driving and Walking Tours

45 Degrees Latitude produces audio tours. With professional sound recording equipment we can make pristine recordings that will guide visitors to whatever you wish to showcase. Perfect for web use, visitors can simply download the tour to a smartphone, tablet or computer for use in any mp3 player. The tours can be free or fee-based. They can even be made available on CD with full printed graphics.

The audio tour development process starts with Research and Planning. We can use customer supplied research and script or we can do the research and develop a script suitable for narration. This enables us to paint an audio picture of:

  • -interesting regions for visitor driving tours (ex. wine tours, artist tours)
  • -art galleries and museums (interpretive tours with language choice)
  • -new developments (ex. innovative residential areas or industrial & technology parks)
  • -historic buildings and heritage areas (ex. downtown heritage tours)
  • -self-guided tours in parks and gardens

Professional narration is available and affordable. Literally thousands of online pro-voices are available for your project. Professional actors, radio and tv voice artists freelance their services and give your audio tour that added touch of professionalism. A 10-minute voiceover can be obtained for as little as $150.00.

The process is simple. We prepare 1-2 paragraphs of script typical of the tour. With your input, we select gender, age of the voice (teen, middle age, senior), dialect (could be French Canadian, UK English, etc.) then send out the digital script for narration. Dozens of narrators will promptly email digital narrations which can be short-listed by us and previewed by you for the ultimate decision. It's that simple.

Once the final script is approved the narration is completed in the narrator's studio then received by us for import into the project. Mixing, adding sound effects and royalty-free music is where the magic begins bringing your tour to life.

You have complete control of your project. Several edit and approval points are identified early in the project. 45° Latitude encodes the final audio for the web, CD or other suitable format.

The project is not complete until you are completely satisfied. For more information and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.