Sharing Your Video.

Once your video has been created you need to share it with clients and friends. Embedding video in email remains challenging due to the fact of the wide range of email programs. This will continue to be a focus for many software designers because quite simply- people want it.

Ros Hodgekiss of CampaignMonitor writes a good article on the progress of video in email. Hotmail is a webmail client 'that holds promise'. If your target audience use a high percentage of iOS operating devices you may be in luck with mp4 format video. You can read Ros's full article here.

For the tech savvy, embedding video into hotmail might work best with three copies of the video: mp4, Ogg and webM. Safari supports all Quicktime formats although last I checked Safari users made up around 10% of the web- but that's growing.


Video in Email Blasts and Two Workarounds

Most of us know how difficult it is to embed video into email blasts. Most email programs won't allow video to play within the email itself. Here are a couple workarounds you might wish to try.

The first is easy, the second involves a third party service that you might already be using. Let's start with the easy one. First, you need to freeze a frame of your video to create a still image. A good free program for doing this is MPEG Streamclip (for Mac or PC) it's a free download that allows you to freeze any frame of video, make simple adjustments and save the image.

Next, in a photo editing program create a play button on the image. You can even grab some YouTube player images from Google Images to complete the effect. Lastly, in your email program link your YouTube or Vimeo video to the image you created. It looks like the image is a video player but it's a workaround that actually takes the viewer to your video sharing site. Simple, but effective.

Video for email workaround

The second method uses the widely popular Constant Contact email marketing service. I highly recommend this service which enables you to send out professionally looking email blasts economically with lots of bells and whistles like stats (you can actually track how many recipients open your email), databases and much more. How Constant Contact handles video is clever. They do not embed the video in the email either but they do the next best thing. Check out the video below: