Some Interesting Facts...

YouTube is the #2 search engine on the web (next to Google).

Canada is the #1 user of Internet per capita (45 hours per month) and we use the Internet 6 hours per month per capita more than the second place rival - the US.

45% of Canadians own a smartphone.

Source: The Globe and Mail, March 6/2012 PowerPoint Presentation Projector

YouTube is streaming 4 billion videos per day - a whopping 25% increase in the last 8 months.

Roughly 60 hours of video is now uploaded to YouTube every minute compared to 48 hours of video uploaded per minute in May 2011.

Source: The Globe and Mail, Jan 19/ 2012


Video for Blogs. Once you have your video created and uploaded to YouTube you can easily paste the code into a blog. Blogger is free and easily lets you embed videos into your blog posts.

How To Use Video for Business Video production companies today capture video in high-definition. Even if your video is primarily for web viewing it's a good idea to insist on HD video production. Once the video master is created you can create (encode) a multitude of video formats for DVD, Blu-Ray, USB keys (great for tradeshow give-aways), CD, smartphone, YouTube and social media use. Video is versatile and a powerful medium to get your point across.

  • Corporate Video Tips.
  • Typically a corporate video should be short: 2-5 minutes.
  • Keep it fast paced and interesting to hold the attention of your viewers.
  • Have a clear message and don't try to cover too much ground with one video.
  • Make sure your sound is professionally recorded. Viewers are not forgiving of bad audio.
  • Have a Storyboard - a plan that's well thought out- it will make your video recording efficient.
  • Pay careful attention to the editing - mixing the audio and using titles to emphasize key points.

Ask yourself what is the desired course of action when the video is over. Is it to buy something or make a donation? Focus on your intended outcome and it will help structure your video.

Your video producer should be able to provide you with any format you require. You can also do a quick conversion with free video converters such as Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip Video Converter- available for both PC and Macs. Windows Media Encoder is also available as a free download and there are also Pro versions available with more features.

YouTube: Your #1 Choice! Every business should have a corporate video on YouTube. Once you create a YouTube account you can easily create your own YouTube logoYouTube Channe l- a place to organize all your corporate videos. These could be product demos, training videos, or videos from past events. Once your video is online you can email the link to friends and associates, embed the link in email blasts, your blog and social media sites. The benefit of YouTube is if you keyword it properly and write the video description carefully it will drive traffic to your website - that's the whole idea! If you don't know which keywords to use on YouTube visit Google Adwords - there's a free tool which can help and actually show you how often a keyword is searched (there is no better data than to have unbiased quantified data).

Once your video is posted on YouTube you can select 'Share' > 'Embed' to access the code to insert into your html editor. Your YouTube video can be placed anywhere on your website in virtually any size. We can help if you have problems configuring your YouTube player. Talk to your web developer to ensure your new video is in your 'Site Map' so search engines can readily find it.

Tracking Your Performance. YouTube tracks the number of viewers your videos receive andGoogle Analytics also allows comments from visitors if you wish. However, Google Analytics is the best free tool for tracking your website and video performance. You can determine the location city of your viewers, the viewing time on your site and the keywords they used to find you. The Google Analytics tool is implemented by obtaining a tracking code and inserting into the html code of every webpage you wish to have tracked. It's a good idea to track all your main pages - how else would you know what pages were important?

Video for Power Point. You can insert or embed your new video into Power Point presentations. This is a great way to quickly convey your corporate message, train staff and orientate volunteers. It can also be used as a powerful tool for fund-raising. It shows your business is 'leading edge' and progressive. See How To Insert Video Into Power Point.

Other Video Sharing Sites. Dailymotion is the 2nd largets video site on the planet next to YouTube and boasts 93 million monthly visitors. You can easily post your video for free on this worldwide site. If you have a business such as a lodge, golf course, resort, restaurant, etc. that visitors might be interested in you should post it here! Vimeo is another worthwhile site. Once posted here you can embed your Vimeo video into your website like YouTube. Non-commercial videos are accepted free. Commercial videos may require a $199 annual fee. Viddler is a 'powerful, easy-to-use video platform for business use'. Personal and partnership accounts are free but there are also fee-based accounts with extra services.

Check out our video production blog for more tips on using video for business.