Easy SEO Tips Everyone Should Know:

Before you implement an effective SEO strategy ensure you have the tools in place to monitor your improvement. This could be as simple as downloading the free Alexa or Google pagerank toolbar. Here you can monitor your pagerank compared to the competition, your Global ranking and even your inbound links. Next implement these tips:No pay-per-click

1) Find out the most effective keywords for your site. Google's adword tool can help. Next use your keywords appropriately in your meta title and meta keyword lines. Write a great meta description too.

2) Add a sitemap to your site (as a html page) plus regularly upload sitemaps in xml format to Google and Yahoo-Bing.

3) Ensure your page urls are meaningful and not code generated. A url such as www.45degrees.com/seo_tips.html has obvious content. A url such as www.45degrees.com/79_898fgj.html does not.

4) Ensure you use internal page linking frequently. Rather than have anchor text that says 'click here' use keywords as a meaningful link such as 'more video tips'.

5) Avoid Flash, AJAX and Frames. All 3 are not search engine friendly. They might look pretty but they don't help your SEO.

6) Make sure you completely fill in your image 'alt' tags with meaningful text that describes your image and include some appropriate keywords.

7) Content is King' with Google, particularly on your homepage. The more content the better. Always go with quality content.

8) Develop a WordPress blog. It's a great way to add traffic to your site and search engines love WordPress.

9) Optimizing your pages is half the battle. Now you must develop inbound links. The more the better and quality links are very important...but that's a whole new strategy covered later!




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